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New Oasis For Life —— the Second Home is an entirely new life model created by lifechanyuan which has been put into practice for around 4 years. It is founded by the Guide of lifechanyuan--Xuefeng and Chanyuan celestials. It is based on the profound values of lifechanyuan,which can be briefly stated by 800 values a new era human being. 

Created in April, 2009, the Second Home has set up one picture production company and three community branches now, scattering in Anning, Chuxiong and Lincang of Yunnan China, the whole area of our community is around 1000 Chinese acres (equals to 165 acres) altogether, with about 4000 fruit trees and abundant fields where we grow the fruits and vegetables by ourselves. We also raise chickens and ducks to supply eggs for the whole community. There are about 160 chanyuan celestials working and living in three branches now.

The Second Home -- New Oasis For LIfe is built upon the ideal of creating a happy,joyful,free and blessed new life mode for everyone, an era where the harmonious relationship can flower everywhere between human and the Greatest Creator, human and nature,  and between humans. This new lifestyle will release the old binds of all kinds of thoughts,values,teachings that prevent people from getting the real happiness. We have a complete and profound theory system which clearly explains all the questions about the source of universe, life, LIFE, time and space, the teachings of Jesus and Buddha, Sakyamuni and LaoTzu, the secret of consciousness, energy and structure etc. Also by analyzing the real life of traditional family and marriage, the system points out how can people find the best way to attain a happy ,free and blessed life.The old lifestyle is out-dated,it didn’t bring us a true happiness of human life, so we choose to create a new life mode which will solve all these problems like the contest of energy, the shortage of resources, the serious destroyment of earth environment, the pain and suffering people are facing with.

The core crisis of human beings is the crisis of soul. Lifechanyuan has created and spread the values for about 10 years and established the real homeland for the world to show and prove that it does work in reality. Now every resident (chanyuan celestials) living in our home can feel the happiness and freedom it brings,people is close to getting perfect human nature day by day, our homeland is becoming more and more beautiful, harmonious ,peaceful and ordered. This is the beautiful sweet fruit reaped from the right belief seeds. We have full confidence that this new lifestyle will be accepted and spread all over the world!

Every single person of human beings, no matter which country, ethic group, religious and political party you come from, no matter you are rich or poor, no matter you are big or small, please note that the Second Home will not develop to any kind of political party which might cause trouble and harm to you. I believe that if you are interested in this new life mode, if you come live in our community, you won’t lose anything; on the contrary, you will surely get more than you can imagine!

I sincerely hope that you will pay close attention to us, and we warmly welcome journalists or visiting groups to come to our home to experience this exciting lifestyle!

Please see the link below and if you have any good idea or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us with

An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with the Second Home of LIfechanyuan

Thank you and may the Greatest Creator bless you!

                                                                                     New Oasis For Life--the Second Home of Lifechanyuan


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