New Oasis For Life

—— the Second Home of Lifechanyuan


Community Profile

Name:  the Second Home of Lifechanyuan

Date of Birth:  May,2009

Location: Yunnan, China

Education: University of Lifechanyuan

Characters: Sincere,kind,beautiful,lovely,trustworthy,honest,diligent,


Belief: Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere Nature,

            walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.

Goal: Scale the highest realm of Life and LIFE.

          Have a happy,joyful,free and blessed life on the earth.

         Sublimate one’s LIFE nonmaterial structure to higher LIFE spaces.


Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Playing Games

Our Dream

    Set up 256 branches of the Second Home all over the world. Bringing the new life mode to our beautiful earth as our 4 years’ practice has fully improved it’s the most ideal life pattern for human being and it is surely has a limitless bright future.

    We believe you will agree with us once you come to experience here by yourself. Welcome to visit us!

                                                                                              New Oasis For Life