How Do We Live?


  The life of the Second Home is following the way of the Greatest Creator, the way of nature. We believe that the Greatest Creator bestows us what we need everyday, and we should work and labour too to create an abundant and green life. From everyday’s work we experience the happiness of creation, the happiness of unselfish devotion.

    In each of our 3 branches we have very big vegetable fields, large green orchards, and fertile planting fields. We grow organic vegetables, take care of more than 4000 fruit trees, plant 10,000 monk fruit seedlings (from April 2012, now are growing quite healthily), raise chickens and ducks, build houses and roads, plant dozens of colorful flowers, we doing all these to meet our daily life and make our environment beautiful day by day. The most important is, everything we do is to practice a brand new life mode here through which everybody living in this community can have a happy,joyful,free and blessed life, and a harmonious relationship between people and nature, people and people people and society can be realized.Our three years’ practice has proved that more than 95% of people who have been living here for months like this new life and don’t want to go back to the old traditional life again.

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The Sustainable and Self-sufficient Community

Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE,revere nature, walk on the way of the Greatest Creator, follow the way of nature, we live a simple, happy,harmonious and blessed life in our beautiful community. This is a magical homeland, it’s getting perfect day by day!

Coming back to the living introduction, we share the food like chicken eggs, duck eggs or various fruits among branches in the harvest season. This makes our community a very friendly and warm one. We learnt how to share and care for each other here. There are a lot of pear trees, apple trees, chestnut trees, peach trees and waxberry trees in our orchards, in our 3rd branch peach fruit trees are growing all over the mountains around us. What an enjoyment to live in such a beautiful environment! Can you imagine the scene when these cute fruits get ripe one by one? It’s really an exciting and grateful time for everyone! All the delicious and sufficient fruits ensure us the possibility to have them all around the year.

   In the 4th branch, from Aug 2011, we spent almost one year to finish building more than 45 small houses, two spacious and bright halls (one is the performance hall, the other is the canteen), fixing dozens of roads, opening up the vegetable fields, planting flowers and fruit trees. Now it turns into a poetic  charming place where you may not want to leave once you come. Imagine there almost have nothing at first. We drew the colorful picture from a blank paper and we did it! It’s really a huge project  beyond your imagination but you’ll believe it once you come to see by yourself.

   Chanyuan celestials living in our community are diligent, kind, simple, honest and faithful.We are pursuing such an ideal life in our heart and with the same values and sustaining passion for creating a new life mode, we’re creating one of the most beautiful homelands on the earth!

     Welcome to have a look at the photos for more details.