Home School Education


There are 12 kids in our community aged from 7--14 now. We educate the kids ourselves and design the suitable classes for them. There are 2 classes specially designed for all students---the Knowledge of the Greatest Creator and the Knowledge of perfect human nature.

All the teachers are chosen from community members (Chanyuan celestials) which have a high educated background and has the experience of teaching.

The teaching principle is to follow each student’s nature, encourage and inspire them to observe,think and discover the nature by themselves, as well as help them setting up the correct values on universe, time & space, life and LIFE. Teachers are not only teach knowledges but also enlighten and inspire the students to think more creatively and extensively.

Happiness and knowledge learning are both important here. The same for the Chanyuan Values and the traditional education subjects. Kids are relaxed in this home and are happy to live and study and doing some simple labor work together. They’re going to grow up to a new generation which is very cilvilized and talented in this big nice family!